Overseas Students Q&A

Do I need to do anything if I change my accommodation?

Please carry out the following five procedures. (Updated July 2012)

  • Change your address on G-Port.
  • If you are your own guarantor, change the address of your guarantor at the Records Section (documents need to be submitted).
  • Visit the ward (city) where your new address is located and carry out resident registration. 
  • Submit your resident certificate at the Centre for International Exchange.
  • Submit a request to forward your mail at a post office (this can be done before moving).

My visa is about to expire…

>Information on Residence Status in Japan - “Extending status of residence

Can I work part-time?

>Information on Residence Status in Japan - “Activities outside residence qualification

What do I need to do before temporarily going back to my home country (leaving Japan)?

>Information on Residence Status in Japan - “Temporary departure and reentry to Japan

I want to ask about postponing payment of my tuition fees…

Please ask at the Student Service Section (Central Building 1F).

I want to receive a scholarship (from outside Gakushuin University)…

Please look for information on the bulletin boards for overseas students and apply. There are some applications that you are free to apply for on your own, and others that the Centre for International Exchange will handle, so please look for information on the bulletin boards. 

Information is also available at “Scholarships for overseas students

I have a question about taking courses…

Read the registration guidance and syllabus, and if you are still not sure about something please ask at the Records Section (Central Building 1F).

I am worried about job-seeking…

Please ask at the Careers Centre.

Are there are facilities I can use free of charge?

All Gakushuin University students, including overseas students, are able to use the museums that the university has entered partnerships with free of charge.

>Obtaining a curator’s license

I want to invite family members from my home country to my graduation ceremony, etc.

When visiting Japan from a country or region that does not have visa (short-stay) exemption, you need to obtain a short-term stay visa. 
Please arrange this yourself, using the information available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and elsewhere. 

>Countries and regions without visa (short-term stay) exemption(external link/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
>How to apply for a visa (external link/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

I want to open a bank account.

Please ask at the bank in question.
At some banks, you will not be able to open an account for six months after you arrive in Japan, or there may be transfer and other restrictions on the accounts you can open. You may be interested to know that it is possible to open an account at the Japan Post Bank immediately after you arrive in Japan.