FD (Faculty Development) Implementation

Efforts toward objective evaluation

At Gakushuin University, we are reviewing and implementing measures for improving and strengthening education levels, such as class evaluation surveys by students. We are also advancing our efforts toward self-inspection and self-evaluation of our education, research, and various other social contribution activities. Gakushuin University is also a full member of the Japan University Accreditation Association, or JUAA, and is committed to regular evaluations in future by government certified evaluation organizations including JUAA. We intend to announce the results of these efforts on this webpage.

Self-inspection and self-evaluation, accreditation

Having received accreditation from JUAA in 2016 based on our 2015 self-inspection and self-evaluation, Gakushuin University was recognized as having met university standards. The period of recognition is until March 31, 2023.

Class Evaluation surveys