Message from the President

Welcome to the Mejiro no Mori Community

学習院大学長 井上 寿一
President:Toshikazu Inoue
Thank you for visiting the website of Gakushuin University. You can dip in anywhere and read as much as you like. This website is packed full of information for you to learn about the real Gakushuin University.

I would like to describe the three general features of Gakushuin University.

Firstly, all of our undergraduate and graduate schools are located at our Mejiro Campus. This makes it simple for students to attend not only lectures at their own faculty or department but also lectures at other faculties and departments. Courses for Sports and Health Science utilize a sports ground, gymnasium and other facilities within the Mejiro Campus too. Each member of Gakushuin University is a part of the same Mejiro no Mori “knowledge” community.

Secondly, our Mejiro no Mori “knowledge” community has a broad and diverse base of education and research. Along with the educational and research programs developed by our undergraduate and graduate schools, we also run some content-rich extracurricular programs. Both long-term and short-term studying abroad and overseas training options are available. And we offer internships and volunteer activities. Needless to say, there are group activities and club activities too. Combining these different programs enables students to create their own uniquely individual campus life.

Thirdly, Gakushuin University puts a lot of effort into career guidance. With the collaboration of our graduates, we provide active support to help current students gain employment in their desired occupation so that they can utilize their university studies in society. A characteristic of our university is our personalized-style career support that values the individual personality of each and every student.

Won’t you come and get involved in our Mejiro no Mori “knowledge” community? This community is open to anyone with high motivation.