Gakushuin University Logo

At Gakushuin University, we have set out our logo and guidelines for its use.

Reason for creating the logo

At our university, we formulated the Gakuen VI strategy as part of the publicity for our five-year business plan “Gakushuin Future Plan 28” launched in 2012.
By specifying how the existing university and school emblems should be combined with the school color and logotype, which had not been clearly regulated before, the aim was to give a visual uniformity to the image of Gakushuin as a whole and to give the logo an iconic role that, like the Gakushuin School Song, would bring together the feelings of pupils, students, teachers and alumni toward Gakushuin and forge a sense of unity.

Logo design selection policy

When choosing the logotype, rather than something newfangled that would spoil the image of Gakushuin we selected a stately font with both sophistication and strength.
The school color we adopted as Gakushuin blue was pantone 287C, which is slightly brighter than the navy blue previously used in our school flags, cheerleaders’ banners, and so on, and which matches our school tradition by being both forceful and vigorous yet calm and relaxed.

VI Guidelines 

To prevent losing any of the value of Gakushuin evoked by our logo, we drew up some rules on how the logo should be used and compiled them into the VI Guidelines. Although these guidelines are divided according to whether they are for corporate use or each school use, they all share the same basic concept such as the design. If you intend to use the logo, please read these guidelines first and follow the procedure for applying for permission.


Download VI Guidelines