About the International Centre

About the International Centre

The Gakushuin University International Centre supports foreign students studying at Gakushuin and helps Gakushuin students arrange study abroad. The Centre manages student exchange relationships with over 60 universities worldwide and pursues new partnership opportunities. The Centre offers academic courses and cultural events, and also organizes short-term overseas study programs.

The Centre's main responsibilities include:

  • To interact and conclude partnership agreements with overseas universities;
  • To give assistance and advice to Gakushuin students studying overseas and international students studying at Gakushuin;
  • To organize short-term overseas study programs; and
  • To support Gakushuin's international exchange activities.

The list of the International Centre faculty members is available here.

Details of services

Advising services: To provide students with advice on overseas study and international exchanges.
* No reservation necessary. Just drop by during the Centre's business hours.
* The Centre does not provide support to find overseas language schools.
Study abroad events: Study abroad fair
Chat room
Exchange activities on campus: To organize and host international exchange events.
To recruit volunteers who help the Centre in its exchange activities.
To manage the "Buddy" system and the home stay program for international students.
Community activities: Toshima City-supported Japanese languages classes for foreign residents living and/or working in the city: Wakuwaku Toshima Japanese classes and Gakushuin University Japanese class
Publications: Study Abroad Guide (in Japanese)
Newsletter (in Japanese)
Annual Bulletin (in Japanese)
Distribution of reference materials: To distribute reference materials about studying abroad, including:
・Information about overseas partner universities and exchange programs
・Student reports about their experiences of studying overseas
・Guidebooks for overseas universities and brochures for language schools
・Guidebooks on studying abroad and information about scholarships
・Information about short-term overseas study programs
・Information useful for international students studying at Gakushuin
・Study materials for TOEFL, IELTS and other tests
・Periodicals published by international exchange organizations
・Other information about international exchange

Japanese Language Preparatory Course (JLPC)

In addition to the services described above, in 2020, the Centre started offering the Japanese Language Preparatory Course (JLPC), a six-month online Japanese language programme. This course is designed to provide prospective international students with an opportunity to attain the Japanese proficiency level required to study at Gakushuin. This is part of our efforts to enter into partnership agreements with universities overseas offering no Japanese courses. Students from these universities who have no or limited language ability will be required to be enrolled in the JLPC. No extra fees are charged for taking this course as it is part of the exchange programme.

Opening hours

Reference Room/Office

Monday to Friday: 8:40〜16:45
Saturday: 8:40〜12:30

Contact details

TEL:03-5992-1024 (direct)

1-5-1 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-8588 JAPAN First Floor, East Building No. 1

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