Events for international students

The International Centre organizes a variety of events for international students. For details, please see G-Port or the individual folders at the International Centre.

Orientation for new international students

In early April each year, an orientation meeting is held for new students from overseas, providing information about residence status, scholarships, health insurance, etc.

Those who wish to take Japanese language classes must attend the guidance for Japanese language courses provided by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Centre.

Parties, etc.

A welcome party is usually held in April. A farewell party is held twice a year: late July and late January-early February.

* The 2023 welcome party was cancelled. The details about the 2023 farewell party is TBD.

Off-campus study opportunities

In order to give international students opportunities to deepen their understanding of Japanese history, culture and nature, which are not always readily available on campus, we arrange viewings of Japanese traditional performing arts as well as one-day bus trips to historical locations close to Tokyo. For details on how to participate, please see G-Port or the individual folders at the International Centre.

Home stays and home visits

Home stays

International students studying at Gakushuin University are given opportunities to stay with families of Gakushuin students for about one week during a long vacation without charge (except for personal expenses, such as costs for public transportation). Breakfast, dinner, bed and bedclothes are provided. Detailed information will be posted on G-Port.

Home visits

Toshima City, Tokyo, where Gakushuin University is located, organizes half-day home visits for international students to provide them with opportunities to engage with Japanese families. It is free of charge, but participating students must pay their personal expenses, such as public transportation costs. Since 2013, the International Centre has worked in partnership with the Culture and Tourism Department of Toshima City to find participants in the home visit program. Details are provided on G-Port as appropriate.