Useful Information

Useful Information for Prospective Exchange Students from Overseas

Financial Support for Exchange Students

Gakushuin University Exchange Student Scholarship
This scholarship is for international exchange students with an outstanding academic record (with a GPA of 2.00 or above based on the Japan Student Service Organization's calculation method) for the previous year. It is not available, however, to students from partner universities from which Gakushuin has received excessively more exchange students so far.

Gakushuin University Exchange Student Accommodation Grants
Gakushuin may offer accommodation grants to exchange students who stay at designated housing facilities. It is not available, however, to students who receive a scholarship exceeding 100,000 yen/month or those who are from partner universities from which Gakushuin has received excessively more exchange students so far.


Gakushuin University assists accepted exchange students find accommodations for their stay in Tokyo. For more details, please see the Application Guidelines.

Living Expenses in Japan

The average monthly expenses (excluding academic fees) of an international students living in the Kanto area(Tokyo suburbs) are shown below. The cost of living in metropolitan areas is higher than in rural areas.
National average: 93,000 yen
Tokyo: 108,000 yen
Kanto area: 103,000 yen
Source: JASSO booklet "Study In Japan Basic Guide"

Services and Support Available to Exchange Students at Gakushuin

Buddy Programme
"Buddies" provide day-to-day support to international students who have come to study at Gakushuin University from our overseas partner universities. Japanese students selected as buddies are available to talk with them and become friends on and off campus.

Off-campus Study Opportunities
The International Centre organizes events off-campus to give international students opportunities to deepen their understanding of Japanese history, culture, and nature.

Japanese Language Classes/Lessons

Japanese Student Assistant Lessons
Each international student is eligible to take two sessions of a 60-minute Japanese lesson per week (up to 26 lessons per semester) free of charge. Japanese Student Assistants give the lessons to help and support international students in their Japanese learning in conjunction with Japanese language classes.

Gakushuin University Japanese Class
This class gives overseas students at the university, as well as foreign nationals living and/or working in Toshima Ward and nearby areas, an opportunity to improve their Japanese language skills. They are expected to discuss a variety of issues of their interest with Gakushuin students, who serve as instructors in this intermediate-level class designed for those who can engage in daily conversations in Japanese. Please visit this Facebook page for details.

Gakushuin University Wakuwaku Toshima Japanese Class
Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and supported by Toshima Ward, this class aims to help foreign nationals living and/or working in the ward or neighboring areas learn everyday Japanese and understand Japanese society and culture. The program is designed mainly for those who have not taken any Japanese language lessons. Please visit here and this Facebook page for details.

Short-term Home Stay/Home Visit Programs
International students studying at Gakushuin stay one to seven nights with families of Japanese students who are registered as volunteer hosts with the International Centre. Separately, international students are given opportunities to have half-day stay with Japanese families to experience the Japanese lifestyle and culture.