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Gakushuin University Website Privacy Policy

Based on deeply-ingrained awareness of the importance of protecting individuals’ personal information, Gakushuin University manages all personal information on the Gakushuin University website in strict accordance with the “Policy on the Protection of Personal Information at Gakushuin University” and the “Regulations for the Protection of Personal Information on the Gakushuin University Website,” and has developed a high level of awareness and appropriate measures for the handling of such information. (The “Gakushuin University website” referred to here refers to all pages with URLs starting with “” or  “”)

The act of visiting the Gakushuin University website or referring to its pages does not result in the user’s personal information being gathered.

When personal information such as a user’s address or name is to be gathered by the Gakushuin University website, such as for “Requests for documents,” “Inquiries,” and “Career path decision notifications (for students currently enrolled),” the page gathering the information in question will specify the purpose for which the information is to be used and the scope and methods of its use. All information gathered from users is handled within a safe environment with guaranteed security, and will not be used for any purpose other than the stated purpose without the consent and authorization of the person in question.

Gakushuin University not only has data protection managers on staff to handle personal information, but also officers in charge of protecting such information who are on staff in all departments which handle the personal data held by the university; together, these officers work hard to protect all personal information by exercising control over the acquisition, storage, management and use of all personal data that lies within the scope of their assigned responsibilities.

At Gakushuin University, both physical and electronic access to information systems is carefully monitored, and anti-malware measures and safety measures are set in place to protect personal information.


All inquiries about the Gakushuin University Privacy Policy should be submitted to the following department:

Management Planning Section, President’s Office, Gakushuin University
1-5-1 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-8588
TEL 03-5992-1003