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ProfessorSHIBATA, Tomoatsu

SHIBATA, Tomoatsu

I have been teaching courses and conducting research in Universities, after working for one of the most profitable Japanese companies in a global context. I intend to introduce various management cases of multinational corporations that are driving innovation, and also facilitate discussions on what can be learned from those cases.


  • Introduction to International Management
  • Management of Technology
  • Studies of Multinational Enterprises
  • Special Lect. on International Social Sciences:Innovation Management and Globalization
  • Basic Seminar Ⅰ・Ⅱ
  • Advanced Seminar Ⅰ・Ⅱ
  • Graduation Thesis

In the Studies of Multinational Enterprises course (2nd year), the dynamics of the rise and fall of multinational enterprises will be focused and discussed. In the Innovation Management and Globalization course (3rd year), innovation strategy and management challenge company will face when trying to foster innovation will be introduced and discussed.


The basic theme for both advanced seminar and graduation seminar is "Where do companies face turning points toward their prosperity and decline?" Under this overarching theme, the class will initially divide into several groups to independently decide on related sub-themes. Each group will then conduct research, analysis, and discussions pertaining to their chosen sub-theme. Finally, the entire class will share their findings on these related sub-themes, leading to collective discussion.


2020 Professor, Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University
2017 Visiting Professor, Franco-Japanese Management Center, University of Rennes 1
2011 Professor, Graduate School of Economics and Management, Faculty of Economics, Tohoku University
2004 Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kagawa University
2001 Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy), Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo
1998 MBA, Graduate School of Business Sciences, Tsukuba University
1994 The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
1983 Worked for FANUC Corporation after graduating from the Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

Fields of Specialization

Management strategytechnology managementinnovation management

Research content

I have been conducting research on technology and innovation management strategies. Throughout this research, a consistent focus has been on drawing the mechanisms that lead to the rise and fall of companies and industries, as well as addressing the issues of strategic transformation and organizational adaptation in response to environmental and technological changes. Primary field has been the manufacturing industry, since Japan has strength so far. Research style is by accumulating fieldwork experiences and findings in various corporate settings.

Major Publications

  • Shibata, Tomoatsu. IoT to Nihon no Architecture Senryaku. Koubunsha Shinsho, 2022.
  • Shibata, Tomoatsu. Nihon no monozukuri wo sasaeta FANUC to Intel no senryaku: Kosakukikai sangyo 50-nen no kakushinshi [Strategies of FANUC and Intel That Underpinned the Manufacturing Industry of Japan: 50-Year History of Innovation in the Machine Tool Industry]. Kobunsha Shinsho, 2019.
  • Shibata, Tomoatsu. Inobēshon no housokusei: Seikotaiken no kajōtekiou wo koete [Laws of Innovation: Overcoming Over-Adaptation to Successful Experiences]. Chuokeizai-sha, 2015.
  • SHIBATA, Tomoatsu and Baba, Yasunori and Suzuki, Jun "Managing exploration oersistency in ambidextrous organizations: Case of Fujifilm and Kodak", R&D Managemnt Vol.51, No.3, 2021, pp. 1-16.
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Office : South 2-405