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Gakushuin University Website Website Policy


The site referred to here (which refers to all pages with URLs starting with "www.univ.gakushuin.ac.jp/" or "www.gakushuin.ac.jp/univ/") is the official website of Gakushuin University.

Contents of the website

The contents on the website are regularly checked for accuracy; however, Gakushuin University accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any actions taken by users involving the use of information found on the website. Please be advised in advance that there may be changes in the matters covered by the website following the point in time when the content in question was posted.
The contents of the website are subject to change or deletion without prior notice.


Gakushuin University owns the copyright to this website.
Note that unauthorized copying or reproducing the contents of this website is an infringement of intellectual property rights including copyright and trademark rights.

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Last updated: July 31, 2023