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Message from the Presidentメインビジュアル

Welcome to Gakushuin University 

Gakushuin University set out in 1877 as a school for the nobility. In 1884 it became a Gakushuin, a national school under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Imperial Household. From this base, Gakushuin University opened in 1949 as a newly established private university. This year marks the 75th anniversary of its foundation as a university. Gakushuin's journey as a university is unusual, as it started out as a public school and later became a private one.  Today Gakushuin University consists of 17 departments in five faculties, as well as six graduate schools plus a law school. Though not so big in scale, Gakushuin University has educated many individuals who contributed greatly to society.

With the turn of the 21st century came great expectations of a shining future for Japan and the world. Yet sadly, as we stand on the end of the first quarter of the new century, causes for uncertainty abound. Among these are falling birthrates coupled with an aging population, population decline, sluggish economic growth, rising economic disparity, worsening global warming and other environmental problems, proliferation of emerging infectious diseases, outbreak of war, earthquakes and other disasters, and the arrival of generative AI. Living in times such as these calls for alertness to signs of change and the flexibility and resilience to respond to unforeseen change.

Gakushuin University offers education in small groups, taught by a faculty that is highly regarded both in academia and in society at large. Each instructor enjoys an established reputation in his or her respective field. In today's uncertain world, however, specialized expertise is not enough; an ability to survey a broad horizon beyond one's area of specialization is vital. For this reason, Gakushuin University students can attend classes not only in their chosen faculty but also in elective "common courses."These courses, such as Human Life Sciences and Space Utilization Theory, transcend the traditional boundaries between humanities and natural sciences. Also, in three fields including Data Science, the University offers minor programs, enabling students to pursue specific themes in addition to their majors.

In this way Gakushuin University enables students to pursue academic study in a broad range of fields while plunging deep into their chosen areas of specialization. 

Gakushuin University is cultivating the people who shape each new era.

学習院大学長 荒川 一郎

President, Gakushuin University 
Endo Hisao