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Wakuwaku Toshima Japanese Classes

"Wakuwaku Toshima Japanese Classes" aim to provide foreign residents with an opportunity to learn Japanese language to live in the Japanese community.

As part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Japanese language education programme for foreign nationals living in Japan and of the Gakushuin University Grand Design 2039 project, "Wakuwaku Toshima Japanese Classes" are designed by Professor Tomoko Kaneda and Associate Professor Aki Nakaue of the Department of Japanese Language and Literature in the Faculty of Letters and administered by the International Centre under the guidance and supervision of the two faculty members and with the support of Toshima City.

Participants will receive a variety of information useful to live in Japan.

How to apply

Please use the form below to apply.

For inquiry

Please contact us by email (waku2.nihongo@gmail.com).

About the courses

Wakuwaku class

This intensive course is designed for those who learn Japanese for the first time. (15 sessions in total)

What you will learn in this class
  • How to order at a restaurant
  • How to check out at a store
When 9:30-12:30, Mon-Fri, August 21-September 8, 2023
Where West Bldg. No. 5, Gakushuin University

Gungun class

This course is designed for those who have a little experience of learning Japanese and/or completed the Wakuwaku class. (17 sessions in total)

What you will learn in this class
  • How to describe symptoms to your doctor
  • How to buy a bouquet
When 9:30-12:30, every Saturday, September 16, 2023-January 17, 2024
Where North Bldg. No. 1, Gakushuin University (Off-campus facilities will be used for some sessions)

Target learners

Foreign residents who :

  • are living or working in Toshima City and its vicinity.
  • have no Japanese learning experience because they have been busy with work or childcare.
  • are not enrolled in a Japanese language school or a university to learn Japanese language.
  • are aged 16 and older.
  • will be able to attend every class.

Access to Gakushuin University (1-5-1 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo)

  • 3-minute walk from the Mejiro Station on the JR Yamanote Line
  • 7-minute walk from the Zoshigaya Station on the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line
  • 8-minute walk from the Kishibojin Station on the Tokyo Toei Arakawa Tram Line

Gakushuin University Japanese Class

Gakushuin University Japanese class provides learners with opportunities to interact with Japanese students as well as to speak and write in Japanese.

The Gakushuin University Japanese class is organized and managed by Gakushuin's "student supporters" who serve as instructors. In this class, participants have plentiful opportunities not only to speak and write in Japanese but to interact with the student instructors who are native Japanese speakers. Different themes for speaking and writing are provided for individual lessons. Field trips are also available. 

Ten lessons are offered for the spring (May to July) and autumn (October to December) terms, respectively. If you are not sure whether you can attend all the lessons, don't worry. Just come to the class when you can.

Please see the additional information below.

Venue Room 405, 4th floor of West building #2, Gakushuin Univesity.
- 30-second walk from Mejiro Station on JR Yamanote Line and 7-minute walk from Zoshigaya Station on Tokyo Metro.
- Also accessible from the Gakushuinshita and Kishibojinmae stops on the Toden Arakawa tram line.
Time/day 15:00-16:00 on Tuesdays
Who can attend Foreign nationals living, working and/or attending schools in Toshima City who speak an intermediate level of Japanese sufficient to have simple daily conversations and talk about everyday issues.
Fees 500 yen for one term (10 lessons).


To apply or inquire, please send an e-mail to the Gakushuin University Japanese class.
E-mail: nihongo.gakushuin.uni@gmail.com

Facebook: Gakushuin University Japanese Class  (only in Japanese)
Instagram: nihongo.gakushuin.uni  (only in Japanese)

Map of Japanese Language Classes in Toshima City

As part of the projects commissioned by Japan's Cultural Agency, the International Centre of Gakushuin University has been collaborating with Toshima City to enhance the Japanese language education framework in the area. In this connection, we have created the Map of Japanese Learning in Toshima City, which shows foreign residents living in this community where to go to learn Japanese. The map is available in eight languages. If interested, click one of the links below.

(All information contained in the map is as of January 31, 2022)