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Gakushuin University Self-inspection and Self-Evaluation, Accreditation

Gakushuin University has conducted its own inspections and evaluations on the state of its various education and research activities in order to raise its educational and research standards and accomplish its goals and social mission.

A revision of the School Education Act covering university inspections and evaluations made it obligatory for universities to undergo an audit by a certified evaluation and accreditation organization at least once every seven years, in addition to the existing obligation to conduct self-inspections and self-evaluations.

Gakushuin University submitted its self-inspection and self-evaluation report to the Japan University Accreditation Association in applying for accreditation in 2015, and  was recognized as having met university standards. The period of authorization is from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2023.

2022 self-inspection and self-evaluation report

Professional School Certification Assessment Result

The certification assessment results of the professional school can be viewed from the following link.