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Gakushuin University's International Exchange

Gakushuin is a prestigious private school that educates students from kindergarten through university and graduate school. Gakushuin was founded in 1847 as the school for the nobility. Since the beginning, the goal has been to foster international understanding, mastering foreign languages, understanding practical knowledge about the world and domestic situations, and fusing together western and eastern cultures.

Gakushuin University enrolls a diverse student body of about 10,000 to study in 17 departments in 5 faculties, a law school, and 6 graduate schools offering 20 specializations. Gakushuin prides itself for being an authentic academic institution offering not only the classical liberal arts education but also teaching social and natural sciences, and providing a fertile ground for cutting-edge research in fields across the humanities and sciences.

Gakushuin is an ideal destination for those who are planning to study in Japan: Our campus is in the heart of a megacity but has many trees, a pond, tennis courts, athletic fields, martial arts dojo, and many other facilities. A myriad of student-organized clubs, teams, and circles practice boating, flying, horseback riding, all kinds of ball and team sports, judo, kendo, fencing, archery, dance, music, manga, anime, calligraphy, photography, and many other activities.

Gakushuin offers more than 50 classes in English, many of which are in the Faculty of International Social Studies. To expand our international outreach, the International Centre offers a six-month online Japanese language course for prospective international students.

In this and many other ways, Gakushuin University helps students pursue cross-cultural academics to broaden their perspectives and promote international cooperation among the future generations.


A group of researchers, including a professor from Gakushuin University, report that they have found no causal effect of school closures in Japan on the spread of COVID-19 in spring 2020. (11/05/21)

Gakushuin University ranks top among Japanese academic institutions for its high-quality research output in Nature Index 2018 Japan. (03/23/18)

Disaster Preparedness -- Earthquake Response Manual for Students

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