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About the International Centre


The Gakushuin University International Centre supports foreign students studying at Gakushuin and helps Gakushuin students arrange study abroad. The Centre manages student exchange relationships with over 60 universities worldwide and pursues new partnership opportunities. The Centre offers academic courses and cultural events, and also organizes short-term overseas study programs.

The Centre's main responsibilities include:

  • To interact and conclude partnership agreements with overseas universities;
  • To give assistance and advice to Gakushuin students studying overseas and international students studying at Gakushuin;
  • To organize short-term overseas study programs; and
  • To support Gakushuin's international exchange activities.

Message from Director of the International Centre

The International Centre of Gakushuin University provides one-stop service for international students studying at our university. We accept more than 100 self-funded international students and about 40 exchange students from overseas partner universities worldwide every year. The International Centre aims to expand its network of overseas partner universities and welcome more students to our learning community.

The origin of Gakushuin University can be traced back to the Meiji Era, making it one of the oldest private universities in Japan. The university has approximately 10,000 students in its five faculties and their graduate schools. Our campus is located in the heart of Tokyo metropolitan city, with a large area of 180,000 square meters, rich in nature. International students can experience the changes of Japan's four seasons on the beautiful campus.

For students from partner universities abroad who wish to study at Gakushuin University, a lack of Japanese language skills is not a reason to give up studying in Tokyo. The International Centre offers a 6-month online Japanese language course for potential exchange students who still need to meet the Japanese language requirement for exchange. In addition, our Faculty of International Social Sciences, offering many classes delivered in English, is a popular affiliation for exchange students.

The International Centre, together with other departments of Gakushuin University, provides a variety of support services to help international students have a meaningful study abroad experience. The university provides international students with abundant opportunities for Japanese language tutorial and cultural events. Through small-group Japanese language classes conducted by experienced language instructors and cultural events such as Kabuki viewing parties and excursions, international students will gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese language and culture.

We look forward to being your partner in your invaluable student life in Tokyo.

Koji Kubo Director, International Centre

KUBO, Koji
Director, International Centre
Professor, Faculty of International Social Sciences
Gakushuin University

Details of services

Advising services:

To provide students with advice on overseas study and international exchanges.
* No reservation necessary. Just drop by during the Centre's business hours.
* The Centre does not provide support to find overseas language schools.

Study abroad events:

Study abroad fair (for Japanese students who wish to study abroad)

Chat room (for Japanese students willing to interact with international students)

Exchange activities on campus:

・To organize and host international exchange events.
To recruit Japanese student volunteers who help the Centre in its exchange activities.
・To manage the "Buddy" system and the home stay program for international students.

Community activities:

Gakushuin Japanese Language Classes for Foreign Residents

Japanese language classes for foreign residents living and working in Toshima-ku (sponsored by Toshima-ku)

"Waku-waku Toshima Japanese Language Class"

"Gakushuin University Japanese Language Class"

Map of Japanese Language Learning Environment in Toshima-ku


・Promotion of the development of a Japanese language education cooperation system in Toshima Ward

Survey Report: "Fact-finding Survey on the Japanese Language Learning Environment and Information Exchange in Toshima-ku" (Interim version)

Survey Report: "Fact-finding Survey on the Japanese Language Learning Environment and Information Exchange in Toshima-ku" (Final version)

Publications: Study Abroad Guide (in Japanese)
Newsletter (in Japanese)
Distribution of reference materials:

To distribute reference materials about studying abroad, including:
・Information about overseas partner universities and exchange programs
・Student reports about their experiences of studying overseas
・Guidebooks for overseas universities and brochures for language schools
・Guidebooks on studying abroad and information about scholarships
・Information about short-term overseas study programs
・Information useful for international students studying at Gakushuin
・Study materials for TOEFL, IELTS and other tests
・Periodicals published by international exchange organizations
・Other information about international exchange

Details of services

Details of services

Details of services

International Centre faculty members



Professor, International Centre
Research field: Political science



Associate Professor, International Centre
Research fields: Cognitive psychology, Psycholinguistics, Japanese language education, Second language acquisition

International Centre Research Activities

Contact details

International Centre

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