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University Health Centre

The University Health Centre provides all students with support to help them lead physically and mentally healthy lives during their studies. All students are invited to make use of the Centre.
Users' privacy is fully protected, ensuring full peace of mind for all users.

Medical checkups

Medical checkups are performed in the first week of April each year. It is legally required to undergo a medical checkup once each year, so please be sure to undergo a medical checkup. For details, please see"Medical checkups(in Japanese)".

Health management

The University Health Centre not only assists with preventing and discovering problems at an early stage, but also supports students in improving and self-managing their own health.

About school infectionus diseases

When diagnosed with a " school infectious disease " stipulated in the School Health and Safety Act (refer to the list of school infectiouns diseases) , attendance at school is prohibited to prevent the spread of infection for a specific period as set forth in the Act's implementation regulations.

Infectious diseases at school .pdf
登校証明書(Certificate of Permission for Attendance).pdf

First Aid

The University Health Centre provides first aid for illnesses and injuries. Staff can also refer students to appropriate medical facilities when necessary.

Health consultations

Students are welcome to consult with the Centre for any problems they are experiencing, no matter how trivial they seem, such as "I have nagging health problems that won't go away," "Could you refer me to a specialist clinic?" "My personal relationships are causing me anxiety," "I'm in a real rut and can't get out of it," "I can't concentrate on anything," or "I'm having problems sleeping." What is discussed at the Centre is kept completely confidential, ensuring full peace of mind for all users. A specialist in mental health issues also attends the Centre four times each month. Students wishing to undergo a consultation at the University Health Centre are requested to apply to the Centre in advance. Students are also invited to make use of the Student Counselling Office (located on the second floor of the Central Building).

Having a medical checkup certificate issued

Medical checkup certificates are only issued to students who have undergone the annual medical checkup. They cannot be issued when checkup test items are incomplete. For details, please see "Medical checkup certificate(in Japanese)".

Health management when traveling overseas

Gakushuin University anticipates that students will travel overseas during their studies for a number of objectives including tourism, language learning, study-abroad, internships, residential camps for club activities, overseas seminars and volunteer activities. As students traveling in unfamiliar foreign countries are at real risk of becoming unexpectedly involved in problems such as crime, they are urged to check the Overseas Safety Homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and other sources before they travel, to check what the local situation is in the country in question and what safety precautions should be undertaken, and to adopt a mindset of "taking responsibility for your own safety."

If you are thinking about traveling to a country or region which MOFA has reported to be unsafe, please reconsider your travel plans.

When planning to hold residential camps overseas for club activities, please be sure to submit an application to the Student Service Section.