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FAQ from International Students

What procedures do I need to follow when I have moved to a new place?

Please follow the five steps described below. 

  • Change your address on G-Port.
  • If you are your own guarantor, change the address of your guarantor at the Records Section (documents need to be submitted).
  • Complete the resident registration at the office of the ward (city) where your new address is located.
  • Submit your resident certificate at the International Centre.
  • Submit to a post office a request to forward your mails to your new address. (You can submit the request before moving.)
  • Change your address for National Health Insurance.
My visa is about to expire...

Please refer to this page: About Residence Status in Japan - "Extending period of stay"

Can I work part-time?
What procedures am I required to follow before temporarily going back to my home country (leaving Japan)?
Would it be possible to postpone paying my tuition fees?

Please consult with the Student Service Section (Central Building 1F).

I would like to receive an external scholarship. What should I do?

Please look for information on the bulletin boards for international students. For some external scholarships, you can apply on your own. For others, your application will be submitted through the International Centre. Please make sure which process you need to follow to apply.

Information is also available at "Scholarships".

I have a question about taking courses...

Read the registration guidance and syllabus, and if you still have a question, please ask the Records Section (Central Building 1F).

I am worried about job-seeking...

Please consult with the Careers Centre (4th floor, West Building #5).
As a reference, you can find the actual numbers of international students who successfully found employment on the "Information Disclosure - Public Information" page of the University website.

Are there any facilities I can use free of charge?

All Gakushuin University students, including international students, are able to use free of charge the museums that the university has entered into partnerships with.

Can I invite my family members from my home country for my graduation ceremony (or other occasions)?

 If your family members visit Japan from a country or region that is not under the visa (short-term stay) exemption arrangements, they need to obtain a short-term stay visa. The information about obtaining the short-term stay visa is available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

How can I open a bank account?

As individual banks have different procedures and rules to open a bank account, you may want to ask the bank directly. At some banks, you will not be able to open an account for six months after you arrive in Japan, or restrictions may be imposed on transfer and other transactions on your account. For your information, you can open an account at the Japan Post Bank immediately after your arrival in Japan.