Gakushuin University's students study at the university's green and leafy campus at Mejiro, which has five faculties with 17 departments. The small-group classes at Gakushuin University and the enclosure of the entire university within a single campus ensures that students and professors remain in close contact with each other, further enhancing the learning environment for students.

Faculty of Law


Developing "human resources of excellent judgment" through broad-ranging studies covering law, politics, human behavior and more

The study of law and politics is the study of people and societies themselves. Students at the Department of Law study the philosophy and mechanisms of the law, developing the ability to study phenomena through the medium of law (the "legal mind") and the ability to resolve specific conflicts. Meanwhile, in the Department of Political Studies, students undertake comprehensive study of the practical aspects of political studies, international relations theory, media and policy. Students analyze and break down the power structures that are formed in a variety of situations at the state level and society level, and learn how to exercise leadership and resolve issues.

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Economics


Discovering the mechanisms at work in the world at large--the "economy" and "corporations"--and studying how academic theories are "alive" in the real world

The Faculty of Economics is composed of two departments: the Department of Economics and the Department of Management. In the Department of Economics, students learn to read and analyze a variety of problems and economic phenomena faced by the world at large as though they were reading a detective novel, and develop the ability to think about how to improve policies and systems. In the Department of Management, students learn about the mechanisms that are found within the complex world of corporate society and which have grown together with the people who work in corporations. The curricula at both departments have been further enriched with mathematics and language curricula which are taught from the initial stages to enable students to respond to the needs of global society. Students develop high-level analysis and resolution skills that are transferrable throughout society.

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Letters


Developing the ability to focus not only on history, language and literature, but on "culture" itself

The Faculty of Letters comprises a total of eight departments including the Department of Philosophy, the Department of History, language-related departments, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Education. The Faculty, while carefully maintaining its traditional heritage, thus encompasses multiple departments which enable students to study not only languages and literature but also culture itself, embracing the full range of areas where such languages are used. The floors of each department are designed to be free, open spaces which students are welcome to spend time in, creating spontaneous opportunities for students to converse with teaching staff and senior students about all manner of topics; this is one of the key attractions of the Faculty of Letters. This environment, which encourages a close relationship between students and teaching staff, gives students the opportunity to engage in broad-ranging studies in line with their personal preferences and interests.

Faculty of Letters

Faculty of Science


An exceptionally high level of research, delivering numerous research outcomes acclaimed at the global level

The Department of Physics is a place where students can discover the joy of pursuing questions about the unknown world in every field, from the micro level to the realms of outer space. In the Department of Mathematics, students have the chance not only to learn computational techniques but to learn about the delights of pure mathematics based on numbers and space. In the Department of Chemistry, students can make discoveries that benefit people's everyday lives through the experiments they perform using the Department's excellent facilities. In the Department of Life Science, students study the academic disciplines that aim to grapple with and unravel the mysteries of life itself. Comprising these four departments, the Faculty of Science enjoys an exceptionally high level of research that delivers numerous research outcomes acclaimed at the global level, while still maintaining an at-home atmosphere based on small-group classes which place a strong emphasis on hands-on learning.

Faculty of Science

Faculty of International Social Sciences


For students who are serious about aiming at the global stage.

"I don't want to spend four precious years at university just becoming 'a bit part on the global stage'; I want to really spread my wings and become 'a global player who can operate successfully at the very top level of business.'" To respond to students who think this way, the International Social Sciences course aims to develop in students the communication skills and problem-solving abilities that will be of service to them on the international stage, by improving their English levels and specialized knowledge step by step through a curriculum in which students study their specialist subject (social sciences) while studying English, and participate in study-abroad programs lasting over four weeks.

Faculty of International Social Sciences

Graduate schools/professional schools: Overview

Gakushuin University has the following seven graduate schools: the Graduate School of Law, the Graduate School of Political Studies, the Graduate School of Economics, the Graduate School of Management, the Graduate School of Humanities, the Graduate School of Science and the Professional School of Law (Law School). Multifaceted research is taking place in each field of study, led by eminent researchers who are operating at the cutting edge of their respective disciplines. One of the special features of Gakushuin University's graduate schools is that each individual student can receive guidance on themes which he or she has suggested, as part of the university's policy for ensuring that educational research into small-group teaching is thoroughly engrained throughout the institution. The robust support for students that is provided by the university includes not only scholarships but also financial support for issuing academic conference reports both inside and outside Japan and career support after students have finished their studies. In these ways, Gakushuin University works to cultivate human resources who are capable of operating successful in all avenues of society.

Professional School

Professional School of Law

Graduate School

Graduate School of Law

Graduate School of Political Studies

Graduate School of Economics

Graduate School of Management

Graduate School of Humanities

Graduate School of Science