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Efforts toward IR (institutional research) activities

Through the data-based verification of education and learning outcomes, we have pressed ahead with IR activities in order to help drive independent educational reform by each section of the university.
Specifically, by conducting various surveys and doing analysis that incorporates existing internal data, our aim has been to facilitate an evidence-based discussion toward the creation of better university education, in order to support

  • student learning,
  • educational reforms including curriculum reorganization, FD (faculty development) and SD (staff development), and
  • the function of an internal quality assurance system (PDCA cycle) for the university as a whole or in its faculties and departments.


The Office of Institutional Research and the IR Promotion Committee conduct various on-campus surveys for the purposes described above.

See below for an overview and results of the survey.

Current student survey

Surveys are conducted all first- to fourth-year undergraduate students. They are asked about their efforts in classroom and extracurricular activities, their learning time, their life, their abilities, etc.

Alumni Survey

Surveys are conducted on graduates who graduated five years ago from undergraduate school. They are asked about their activities in college, their careers and lives after graduation, and their abilities, etc.

New Student Questionnaire

Surveys are conducted on all new undergraduate students to investigate their motivation for enrolling, how they learned in high school, and what they want to do in their college life and the like.

Class Evaluation surveys

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