History of Gakushuin University

  • 1847・1877

    The Origin of the Gakushuin A public school was established on the east side of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto in 1847 . In 1849, Emperor Komei designated (an imperial edict) "Gakushuin” thereby giving the University its name. After entering the Meiji period in 1877, a courtier nobility school was setup in Nishiki-cho, Kanda. The name of the school, which was once located in Kyoto, was inherited by edict of Emperor Meiji. Gakushuin as we know it today was founded at this time.

  • To open, private school
  • 1884・1947

    To open, private schoolGakushuin established in 1884 for the purpose of educating court nobility became a government school operated by the Imperial Household Ministry. In 1945, the school system was revised to remove the education of court nobility from its purpose, and in 1947, it was reopened as a more open, private school.

  • 1949

    University OpeningGakushuin University with a new system was opened in 1949. Yoshishige Abe, the first president of Gakushuin University, stated in the founding prospectus of Gakushuin University that as characteristics of the University are "cultivating international knowledge, mastering foreign languages and understanding the living reality of the world and Japan, and furthermore, fusing East and West, Japan's great ideal as a cultural nation."

  • Development of the University
  • 1964・1999

    Development of the UniversityThe university developed smoothly in the 1960s. In 1964 it had four faculties, namely those for law, economics, humanities and science. The campus was also developed. The University celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding in 1977 and the 50th anniversary of its opening in 1999.

  • Gakushuin University Today, and Beyond
  • Gakushuin University Today, and Beyond

    Gakushuin University's 5 faculties and 17 departments, Gakushuin University's 6 graduate schools and 20 majors, and Professional School (School of Law) are all gathered here on the Mejiro campus where it is lush and green despite being in the center of a great metropolis. The University has consistently conducted research and offered an education that respects the individuality of students and nurtures the breadth of international perspectives under a full educational environment that is unique to small group learning since the opening of the school.
    In 2024, Gakushuin University will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its opening.

  • Chronology