International students' visit to an ancient capital, Kamakura

27 Oct 2023

One-day trip to Kamakura supported by Kasumi Kaikan

On October 20, 20 international students went on a day trip to Kamakura, an ancient capital of Japan. This event was organized by the International Centre and financially supported by Kasumi Kaikan. In the pleasant autumn weather, the tour guide took the party to Hasedera Temple, which is famous for beautiful hydrangeas, Kotoku-in Temple with the Great Buddha, and Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. The participants learned part of the Japanese history rooted in this region.

In the afternoon at Joukoumyouji Temple, the students experienced Kodo, the Japanese traditional art of burning and appreciating incense. They enjoyed an incense-comparing game, smelling and distinguishing between six different scents. Struggling with unfamiliar kanji characters and special terms in writing, three of them answered correctly.

Then, the chief priest of the temple showed the participants around the temple site, explaining its history and principal statue for worship designated as a nationally important cultural asset.

It was an invaluable experience for the international students to be exposed to an aspect of the ancient capital Kamakura.