In recent years, with the rapid progress in technological innovation and globalization as well as the advent of the aging society, the Japanese economy and economies in other countries are facing new, intractable problems. To deal with these problems, in the study of economics, there is a demand for the deepening of the theoretical and substantiative analysis that has been developed to date and engagement in new research. There is also a strong demand for further progress in international academic exchange and in cross-disciplinary research with adjacent academic disciplines.

Under these circumstances, major progress is starting to be seen in Japan and overseas in economic research. For example, there have been dramatic leaps forward in informational economic theory, an area of research that analyzes the behavior of economic entities, taking into consideration their interdependent relationships and the asymmetry of information. Informational economics is being applied to the analysis of areas such as Japanese-style corporate relationships, employment contract styles, and even trade policy. It is also being used in the systematic analysis of the characteristics of Japan’s economic systems and practices and attempts to compare those characteristics with those of the West. There are also many fields of economic research that are starting to produce new developments, such as behavioral analysis that incorporates psychological aspects like the formation of expectations under uncertain circumstances.

Based on these latest research trends, in addition to our duty to send talented individuals with problem-solving skills out into society, the goal of the Graduate School is to meet the expectations being placed on it to cater to people who are already out in the workforce and actively engaged in economic society, providing them with opportunities to develop higher quality skills that will suit the changing environment.

The Graduate School of Economics aims to meet the social demands being placed on graduate school education to cultivate economic researchers and workforce professionals with a high degree of specialist abilities.

Educational and Research Objectives

The objective of the Graduate School of Economics (master’s and doctoral programs) is to cultivate promising researchers and expert professionals with a high degree of specialization in economics.