Message from the Faculty of ISS

The Faculty of International Social Sciences was established in 2016 with the aim of producing individuals who are active on the international stage. The main pillar of education is to cultivate the ability to identify issues and problems in society and to solve them using knowledge and skills in the social sciences while collaborating with people of various nationalities and cultures in English. This is similar to a doctor diagnosing and treating the cause of a patient's problem.

To this end, the Faculty first teaches the fundamentals of social science in Japanese, while at the same time thoroughly strengthening English language skills. Then, students learn social sciences in English step by step. In addition, students are required to spend at least four weeks abroad during their four years of study in order to graduate from the program. In addition, seminar classes are offered where students actually discover issues and find prescriptions on their own.

We hope that students at the Faculty will always be intellectually curious, understand others who are in different positions and have different values, and take the initiative in solving problems. We sincerely hope that you will acquire these attitudes and have the determination to contribute to the international community after graduation.