Message from the Dean

Dean of the Faculty of
International Social Sciences
Dr. Tomohiko

The Faculty of International Social Sciences (ISS) started in April of 2016. The mission of our faculty is to cultivate young people who can make a great contribution to the international community. In order to achieve this mission, we think that two tasks are very important. One is the intensive teaching of practical and natural English, and the other is to make students master the methodology of the social sciences by analyzing and solving problems faced by the international community.
All the students are requested to study social sciences by using English exclusively from the third year onwards. Social Sciences here include law, economics, business management, area studies and sociology. All faculty members in the five major fields were newly recruited from various universities and institutions other than Gakushuin University.
One minimum condition for students to obtain a bachelor degree at ISS is studying abroad for a period of at least four weeks. To meet a variety of needs of students, we provide not only well-organized language training courses, but also an attractive choice of internships in both Western and Asian countries. We will do our utmost to support students who want to tackle social issues seriously, who can sympathize with other people’s happiness and/or sadness, and who can finally advance into action to solve problems.