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Tim Marchand

University is an exciting place where you can acquire specific skills and knowledge, and also learn about yourself and the world around you. The courses in this faculty have been carefully designed to help you step by step in your own journey of discovery. Graduates from this program can expect to find their place in a competitive job market, and contribute to society in a meaningful way. I look forward to helping you reach that goal in my English classes.


  • English Communication Ⅰ
  • English Communication Ⅱ
  • Oral Communication
  • Issues in the World
  • Global Challenges
  • Area Studies
  • CLIL Seminar (Data Science and Text Analysis I & II)

Students at ISS work hard to improve their English skills to enable them to study abroad successfully and take advanced content classes in English. As regards the latter, let me introduce my elective courses which allow you to demonstrate your improved English proficiency, and also extend it by studying interesting content qualitatively (Area Studies) or quantitatively (CLIL Seminar on Data Science and Text Analysis).

The Area Studies course takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying the peoples, history, society, and culture of a designated region through the disciplines of economics, business, law, sociology, or political science. In this course, you will have the chance to conduct a deep analysis of an area of your own choosing from any social science perspective. For example, students in the past have researched Multiculturalism in Australia; Maritime Security among ASEAN nations; and the different degrees of Happiness in Denmark and Japan.

In my CLIL seminar courses, we cover the practical basics of data science and text analysis through the use of R, one of the most popular programming languages used by data scientists today. You can learn important aspects of handling data: importing, cleaning, visualisation and hypothesis testing - all skills useful in both business and academia. In the latter stages of the course, you can also develop an understanding of text as a data type, and discover what analysis of texts can reveal about trends in society. Successful completion of the course equips students with the skills to write their own scripts in R, and the confidence to present original findings of their own chosen data.


2020 Professor, the Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University
2016 Associate Professor, the Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University
2015 Associate Professor, Preparatory Office for the Faculty of International Sciences
2012 Assistant Professor at J. F. Oberlin University, Japan
2012 Instructor at Keio University, Law Faculty
2011 Instructor at University of Southampton, UK
2010 Instructor at Chuo University, Law Faculty
2010 Completed MSc in TESOL, Aston University, UK
2008 Instructor at Japanese Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2003 Teacher at Kansai Ohkura Gakuen
1998 Instructor at a language school in Osaka
1996 Cartographer for British Gas, UK
1995 Completed BA (Hons) Geography, University of Nottingham, UK

Fields of Specialization

Corpus LinguisticsLanguage Educatione-LearningTask-based Language Teaching

Major Publications

  • Marchand and Akutsu (2015) The Compilation and Use of a CMC Learner Corpus for Japanese University Students. In Castello et al. (eds) Studies in Learner Corpus Linguistics: Research and Applications for Foreign Language Teaching and Assessment. Frankfurt: Peter Lang.
  • Marchand and Akutsu (2015) First steps in assigning proficiency to texts in a learner corpus of computer-mediated communication. In Callies & Gotz (eds) Studies in Learner Corpus Linguistics: Research and Applications for Foreign Language Teaching and Assessment. Amsterdam: John Benjamins
  • Marchand and Rowlett (2014) Course Design in the Digital Age: Learning Through Interaction With News-Based Materials. Language Education in Asia 4 (2)
  • Marchand (2013) Speech in written form? A corpus analysis of computer-mediated communication. Linguistic Research, 30(2)
  • Marchand (2012) An analysis of classroom talk and the ""ladder of interaction"" in the Japanese context. Asian EFL Journal


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Challenging Exploratory Research), April 2014- March 2017
Investigating a Learner Corpus of Computer-Mediated Communication”


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Office : South 2-411