Seminar courses

In seminar courses, students present and discuss their own research under the direction of a professor. In the first-year "Basic Seminar", they learn the groundings in social science research. In third and fourth-year "Advanced Seminar", they pursue some original research in a specialized area and write their graduation thesis.

Social Science Courses

Social science courses consist of subject matters such as law, economics, business management, sociology and area studies, and are taught primarily in lecture style.  They are mainly taught in Japanese from the first year to the first half of the second year, and in English from the second half of the second year onward.

English Language Courses

English language courses offered in the program follow the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) framework. First-year compulsory courses use materials linked to such topics as current global issues and focus on skills and vocabulary development. Bridge courses in English on international economics and sustainability and a variety of content-based English courses in the second year and onward ensures a smooth transition to social science content courses taught in English.

Study Abroad Courses

Students are required to study abroad for at least four weeks. Study Abroad (SA)Ⅰand Ⅱ, are specifically designed to maximize the students' opportunities and experiences of study abroad. SA Ⅰis a course in which students learn about their options, make choices, and plan for their study abroad. In SAⅡ, which students take upon their return, they reflect on their experiences and consider how to utilize them for their further study and career planning.