Tomohiko Inui

My research expertise covers productivity analysis, economic development, and international economics. I have published extensively on topics such as productivity analysis of Japanese firms, the effects of privatization on Chinese state-owned enterprises, and various other papers in my line of expertise. At the newly established faculty, I will lecture on the topics such as “Productivity and Efficiency Analysis” and “Globalization, Economic Growth and Income Distribution”.


Basic Seminar Ⅰ
Basic Seminar Ⅱ
Introduction to Data Analysis
Economic Growth Theory
Productivity and Efficiency Analysis
Globalization, Economic Growth and Income Distribution
Advanced Seminar Ⅰ
Advanced Seminar Ⅱ
Graduation Thesis

Fields of Specialization

  • Productivity Analysis
  • Economic Development
  • International Trade and Investment


  • E-mail :
  • Office :South 2-401


  • 2016
    Professor, the Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University
  • 2014
    Professor, Preparatory Office for the Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University
  • 2012
    Professor, College Economics, Nihon University (-2014)
  • 2009
    Director, Statistics Commission Office at the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan (-2012)
  • 2006
    Doctorial program completed with expulsion, Hitotsubashi University
  • 2003
    Professor, College Economics, Nihon University (-2009)
  • 2000
    Associate Professor, College Economics, Nihon University (-2003)
  • 1996
    Officer, Development Bank of Japan (-2000)
  • 1993
    Economist, International Energy Agency (-1996)
  • 1990
    M.A. (Economics), Johns Hopkins University
  • 1985
    Officer, Development Bank of Japan (-1993)
  • 1985
    B.A. (Economics), Hitotsubashi University

Major PublicationsDetails

  • Naomi Kodama and Tomohiko Inui (2015) "The Impact of Globalization on Establishment-Level Employment Dynamics in Japan," forthcoming in Asian Economic Papers
  • Andrew Griffen, Makiko Nakamuro and Tomohiko Inui, (2015) "Fertility and Maternal Labor Supply in Japan: Conflicting Policy Goals?" forthcoming in Journal of The Japanese and International Economies
  • Ryoji Matsuoka, Makiko Nakamuro, and Tomohiko Inui, (2015) "Emerging Inequality in Effort: A Longitudinal Investigation of Parental Involvement and Early Elementary School-aged Children's Learning Time in Japan," Social Science Research, vol.54, pp.159-176
  • Makiko Nakamuro, Tomohiko Inui, Wataru Senoh, and Takeshi Hiromatsu, (2015) "Are Television and Video Games Really Harmful for Kids? Empirical Evidence from the Longitudinal Survey of Babies in the 21st Century," Contemporary Economic Policy, Vol. 33, pp.29-43
  • Tomohiko Inui, Keiko Ito and Daisuke Miyakawa (2015) "Information and Export Decisions: Bank's Role as a Conduit of Information," Economic Inquiry, Vol. 53, No.3, pp. 1671-1688.
  • Naomi Kodama, Tomohiko Inui and Hyeong Ug Kwon (2015) "A Decomposition of the Decline in Japanese Nominal Wages in the 1990s and 2000s," Seoul Journal of Economics, Vol. 28, No.1, pp.53-84.
  • Yasuyuki Todo, Tomohiko inui and Yuan Yuan, (2014) "Effects of Privatization on Exporting Decisions: Firm-level evidence from Chinese state-owned enterprises," Comparative Economic Studies, Vol. 56, pp.536-555
  • Edamura, Kazuma, Sho Haneda, Tomohiko Inui, Xiaofei Tan, and Yasuyuki Todo, (2014) "Impact of Chinese Cross-Border Outbound M&As on Firm Performance: Econometric Analysis Using Firm-Level Data," China Economic Review, Vol. 30, pp.169-179
  • Makiko Nakamuro, Yuka Uzuki, and Tomohiko Inui, (2013) "The Effects of Birth Weight: Does Fetal Origin Really Matter for Long-run Outcomes?" Economic Letters, Vol. 121, Issue 1, .53-58
  • Richard Kneller, Danny McGowan, Tomohiko Inui and Toshiyuki Matsuura, (2012) "Globalisation, Multinationals and Productivity in Japan's Lost Decade," Journal of the Japanese and International Economics, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp.110-128.


  • Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office
  • Faculty Fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Visiting Research Fellow, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy