About the Program

Students at the Graduate School of Management develop expertise through direct contact with professors in small classroom settings. The school offers advanced-level courses with a balance of management-oriented subjects, including marketing, business administration, business strategy, accounting and finance, managerial science, and business history. This extensive curriculum allows students to deepen their expertise in focus areas while broadening their learning in related fields. The school is equipped with research facilities for exclusive use by graduate students, and from their first year in the program, graduate students receive direct one-on-one research guidance from faculty members.

Unlike large business schools that concentrate on job-specific skills, Gakushuin University's Graduate School of Management emphasizes academic fundamentals and is committed to smaller class sizes, allowing students to take initiative in their research. This basic approach is what makes our program stand out among those of other Japanese institutions.

An Expansive and Integrated Approach to Research

The Graduate School of Management's faculty researches and teaches courses on a wide range of management topics, including marketing, business strategy, organization, accounting, finance, human resources, business history, as well as information, production and supply chain management. The curriculum is structured to provide an appropriate balance of lectures on research topics that impart specialized knowledge, and seminar courses that offer guidance on carrying out rigorous research.

Until students complete their courses, a guidance committee led by principal supervising professors oversee their research projects. Students also receive individual advice on course options, allowing them to acquire a solid grounding in related disciplines and essential research tools, such as statistical and quantitative techniques. As a result, students are exposed to varied perspectives and acquire interdisciplinary knowledge from many professors. The number of students enrolled in the school is limited, further ensuring each student receives close research supervision throughout their master's program.

Program Overview

Research projects undertaken at the Graduate School of Management are compiled as thesis papers. The expectation is that students should be capable of articulating their own ideas for publication in academic journals.

If a student decides to seek employment after completing a master's degree in the first phase of the doctoral program, they may begin their job search in the autumn of the program's first year. The second half of the year is a busy time as students must obtain the required credits and prepare their master's thesis.

Equipping Postgraduates with the Expertise Needed for the World of Business

Since almost half of high-school graduates in Japan enter university, advanced expertise is increasingly sought among professionals with postgraduate qualifications. Thus, expectations for graduate schools are likely to keep rising. In addition to the traditional role of training post-secondary faculty and researchers, graduate schools must also equip professionals with the level of expertise demanded by businesses.

In today's business world, many professionals are now taking night courses at graduate school, or in some cases taking leave from their jobs to further specialize through doctoral programs. In response to these needs, our Graduate School of Management develops student's research skills through a rigorous program, furthering the original purpose of postgraduate education as opposed to traditional undergraduate degrees. Gakushuin University maintains a commitment to producing exceptionally talented professionals for today's world.