Faculty of Economics
Our ever-changing society requires an ability to think in a way that helps identify problems as they occur and find appropriate solutions. This constitutes the kind of real-world knowhow that will not be replaced by computers even many years from now.
In a world in which nations, societies, and companies are changing constantly, many problems arise on a frequent basis. Gakushuin’s Faculty of Economics is a place where students can nurture the ability to discover and understand problems and find solutions. This kind of ability will be relevant along any path chosen after graduation.
Finding a job is not the goal.
'Career Design' is the key.
Career Design is not simply support for finding employment. It is a means of addressing how to design a combination of 'job/career' in work and 'life/career' in your private life. All of the Faculties at Gakushuin University provide Career Design support, but at the Faculty of Economics, specialist faculty members have developed a Career Design education with greater academic depth. Career Design is performed logically from the first through to fourth years, addressing how to create a fun and fulfilling career starting from graduation and continuing long into later life.
Individualized attention to students with many small classes.
Gakushuin Faculty of Economics has a relatively high faculty/student ratio. Our curriculum emphasizes small seminars in which faculty interact with students on an individualized basis. Each professor holds weekly 'office hours' during which students can come for advice about academic or other matters.
The more one knows, the more interesting the world becomes.
A unique language program cultivating an international way of thinking.
As globalization accelerates, cultivating an international perspective and language skills is an important part of economics and management education and essential in many lines of work after graduation. The Faculty of Economics offers many classes such as 'Economics in English', 'Management Theory in English' and 'Business Issues in English' which provide language training specifically in the context of economics and management. Moreover, by subsidizing English study on campus and seminar trips abroad, as well as offering financial grants for studying English overseas, , the Faculty of Economics provide students many opportunities to cultivate true international thinking.
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