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Department of Economics

Changes your way to see the world, Develops your ability to improve society


Economics is the academic discipline that analyzes the functioning of the world economy, identifies problems, and considers methods to solve them. At the Department of Economics we foster problem-solving abilities that can be applied widely across many fields.
The data analysis and decision-making methods you will learn at the Department of Economics will prove value in various situations after graduation. The opportunity to study these skills from professors, many of whom are also active in government and private organizations, is one of the strengths of the Department of Economics at Gakushuin University.

Subjects and skills emphasized in the Department of Economics curriculum

The ability to analyse information to understand the present state of society
To solve the economic problems of society, it is essential first to examine the situation as a whole and to understand it correctly. In the Department of Economics, you can acquire the ability to understand the markets, the roles of policy and institutions, the exchange rates and price trends, and the knowledge and know-how to form hypotheses about where there are problems based on such information.
The ability to form definite strategies to solve major problems
In order to solve the economic problems of society it is necessary to redeploy human and financial resources at many levels ranging from local to the national. In the Department of Economics, you will study the theory, case studies and data analysis methods needed to design policies and institutions to address complex economic problems. In addition, by practicing communication skills, you will develop practical abilities to bring beneficial change to the world.
The ability to think and decide rationally in everyday life
By studying economics, you will not only acquire the ability to solve complex economic problems but also gain a rational view of everyday events. You will acquire the ability to make more effective and fruitful choices in your personal life. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a fundamental skill that all members of society could benefit from.
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