Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya… Convenient access from central Tokyo

The Gakushuin University campus is situated a 30 second walk from Mejiro Station on the JR Yamanote Line. Two minutes to Ikebukuro, six minutes to Shinjuku and adjacent to the city’s terminal stations, this location is easily accessed from anywhere in Tokyo and a location from which one can easily go anywhere. From extracurricular activities to part-time jobs, your range of off-campus activities will undoubtedly expand.

The verdant Mejiro no Mori, our four-year campus

Our verdant campus is also known as 'Mejiro no Mori' and is a quiet and calm space in which you might almost forget the bustle of the city. This is an environment where students can study on a single campus up to graduation without being scattered according to academic year or faculty. Friendships are easily formed within the university, and it boasts a comfortable atmosphere that makes students feel at home

The coexistence of historical interest and contemporary knowledge
Comfortable campus buildings

While the buildings on campus are equipped with the latest facilities, there are also historic buildings scattered throughout, nationally-registered cultural assets that have a beautiful and majestic appearance. These buildings are also actively-used for school functions and continue to be used carefully while carrying out the renovations necessary to ensure a comfortable learning environment.

My favourite personal place

Situated in the heart of the city, our campus boasts a size 3.8 times that of Tokyo Dome. Whether taking a break or gathering to chat, everyone is free to chose how they spend time with friends and enrich their student life. Amidst a campus showing a variety of aspects, you can undoubtedly find your own favourite spot.

This structure in particular gives rise to a family-like bond within the university

Arising precisely because this is not a university with a large number of people, the strong connections within the university often become family-like bonds by passing the days and months of the four-year program together. You will certainly meet important friends with whom you can continue to share life even after graduation.

Add colour to university life, a new challenge

With clubs and societies at the forefront of university life, extracurricular activities are rich in number and variety. It’s easy to start even without experience, and these offer an environment in which people thinking “I want to turn over a new leaf at university and challenge myself with something new” can also challenge themselves. Putting your heart into activities outside of academic study and making friends with whom you can develop together will further enrich and colour your student life.
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