Joint Laboratory

Currently, there are 10 assistants and 1 research support staff being stationed in the Joint Laboratory. They are supporting student educations and faculty researches as the official staff members of the Faculty of Economics.

Faculty of Economics Joint Laboratory

Location East Building No. 2, 12th floor
Laboratory hours Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00
Sat 9:00-12:30
Dates and times of room closures during university events will be posted at the entrance of the joint laboratory

How to use the Joint Laboratory

(1) I wish to meet with a teacher
Students who wish to speak with a teacher should set an appointment and inform them of their timetable. However, if you wish to consult with a part-time lecturer, please visit the lecturers' lounge (West Building No.1) or meet with them before or after class.
(2) I would like to use a seminar room
Use of the seminar rooms in East Building No.1 4F (401-405) for sub-seminars or voluntary seminars (these cannot be used by extracurricular groups) requires certain procedures to be completed at the Joint Laboratory.
Please fill in the designated form and follow the procedures for borrowing the keys when using these rooms.

  • Keys are lent out in exchange for the student's ID.
  • In case of a problem with the seminar room equipment or a lack of supplies, please contact the Joint Laboratory
  • Always switch off the lights and air conditioning after use, and please make sure to close the doors (and windows) after use.
  • All of the seminar rooms are non-smoking. Please help us to ensure an environment everyone can use comfortably.
  • Please return the key promptly after use.
(3) I would like to request copies
CVs will be processed the day after they are requested.

【Method for requesting copies】
1.Obtain permission from your supervisor
2.Fill out and submit the copy request form at the Joint Laboratory.(Please file your request the day before you would like to receive the copies. You cannot receive them on the same day)
3.Receive your copies. (These are placed on a rack on the teaching materials shelf)
(4) Distribution of teaching materials
The teaching materials and documents used in class are generally distributed during the class.Depending on the lesson, there may be instructions from the teacher to have leftover materials remain on the teaching materials shelf in the corridor in front of the joint laboratory. Since other important notices may also be posted in the corridors, please do check.

Requests from the Joint Laboratory

(1) Report submission
【Main method for submitting a report】
  • Submit via the report boxes on the 1st or 12th floor of East Building No. 2
  • Submission during class
  • Bring to the Joint Laboratory
Please submit only after checking the report carefully and in accordance with the instructions of your teacher with regard to submission location, deadlines etc.

【Notes regarding the use of the report boxes】
  • Please check the class name and faculty member name posted on the window of the box before submitting.
  • Since the input slots of the report boxes are rather narrow, please insert with care.
(2) Use of seminar lockers
A communications locker for seminar students and instructional staff is installed beside the lounge on the first floor of East Building No.2. Please ask your supervisor for the passcode to the key for the locker. (The code cannot be acquired from the Joint Laboratory.) In addition, please do not leave items on or near the locker, and keep it clean for others to use.
(3) Notice from the Faculty of Economics
Notices from the Joint Laboratory or Faculty of Economics are posted on the bulletin boards near North Building No.1 or on the first floor of East Building No. 2. Please try to check these noticeboards frequently.

University Curriculum and Instruction Section

Besides the Joint Laboratory, the University's Student Centre Records Section is responsible for matters concerning class enrolment, grades, advancement, etc., for the entire university. Since it is located on the first floor of the Central Building, please feel free to use the service window.
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