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Department of Management

Cultivates your ability to think what elements "good companies and organizations" need and make that feasible

Subjects and skills emphasized in the Department of Management curriculum

Understanding and dealing with management problems of companies and organizations
Management Studies analyses and solves various managerial, economic, and social issues faced by companies and organizations. The Department of Management uses case studies of companies and organizations to teach specialized knowledge and know-how, as well as familiarize students with problems that arise commonly in the business world.
The ability to proactively identify and solve problems
The Department Management fosters the ability to proactively recognize the problems and challenges in the operations of any business, as well as the ability to find methods to address them. By repeated exposure to problems and appropriate solutions in case studies, students acquire the ability to spot and resolve problems in real companies.
Communication and leadership skills to mobilize an organization
Problem-solving in companies and organizations requires setting clear goals, communicating plans and intentions in an easy-to-understand manner, and openly listening to the many voices on the inside and outside of the team. While emphasizing such communication and leadership skills, the Department of Management also promotes respect for interpersonal differences and broader social consequences of business activities.
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