Professor Katsuhiro MOTOKAWA


Professor Katsuhiro MOTOKAWA

Financial Accounting


Financial Accounting Ⅰ・Ⅱ,International Accounting Ⅱ Introductory seminar on Management Seminar on Accounting & Business Analysis

Special study on Accounting and Audit Ⅰ Seminar on Accounting and Audit

[Employment History]
2010 M.Math in Mathematics and statistics (Oxford University)
2011 Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting, Business Analyst
2015 Ph.D candidate (Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto Universtiy)
2016 Research Fellow (Department of Economics, Kyoto University)
2016- Associate Professor (Department of Economics, Gakushuin University)


Research Fields

Financial Accounting


Motokawa, K.(2015) ,'Impact of Non-Financial Intellectual Capital Information on Investors: Evidence from Japan', The Kyoto Economic Review, Vol.83, No.2, pp.2-26., 2015
Motokawa, K. (2015), 'Human capital disclosure, accounting numbers, and share price', Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, Vol.13, No.2, pp.159-178.

Professional Affiliations

Japan Accounting Association, European Accounting Association

Message(Short Essay)

"Up to senior high school, you learn things that are probably true. However, at university you learn things that you can't be sure are true." This is what the dean of my college said at my orientation when I entered university. Is this really true? If it is, then how and what do people actually learn at university.

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