Selection category No. of credits Level No. of lectures Subject category Remarks
Required 22 12 100 8 English English CommunicationⅠ・Ⅱ
Acadenic SkillsⅠ・Ⅱ
Self-Directed LearningⅠ・Ⅱ
2 200 2
1 100 1 Study
Study AbroadⅠ
1 200 1 Study AbroadⅡ
4 100 2 Major Basic SeminarⅠ
Basic SeminarⅡ
2 1 General Education Introduction to Information Processing 1
Required Elective Min.74 Min.2 200 5 English English
Min.16 100 18 Major Lectures (including designated subjects in the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics (1))
*A minimum of 20 credits must be accumulated in subjects taught through English.

Min.32 200 27
Min.12 300 17
300 2 Advanced SeminarⅠ
Advanced SeminarⅡ
400 1 Graduation Thesis
Elective Max.12 200 9 English English (excluding Reqired and Required Elective subjects)
300 2
42 General Education Foreign languages other than English
Max.8 100 General Education Basic education subjects
Max.4 3 Sports and health science subjects
Max.2 1 Information subjects additional to Required subjects
Max.8 Other Subjects in other faculties and departments other than those in (1) above
Graduation requirement 124        
O T H E R    R E Q U I R E M E N T S
・ Study abroad of at least 4 weeks is required
・ At least one of either Advanced Seminar I and II or Graduation Thesis/Graduation Exercises must be chosen
・ Students may register for courses equivalent to a maximum of 24 credits in each semester
・ Japanese C (Advanced) is open only to non-native speakers of Japanese